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Rug NO 1441
Type: Persian
Design Ardabil
Size: 5 x 10
Material: wool
Condition Excellent. Very Clean. Looks Brand New
Origin: Iran  (Persia)
Retail Price: $2500.00
Our Price: $1700.00

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ARDABIL is a town in the northwestern Iranian province of Azerbaijan, in the Caucuses region. Ardabil is the center of Persian Kazak rugs. Ardabil rugs are similar to Caucasian rugs with predominantly geometric designs but differ by having motifs woven into them and tend to be lighter in their color use. Fine wool is used with tight good textured piles. The asymmetrical knot is mostly used and the average KPSI is 120. There are many different grades of rugs made in this region, ranging from medium to fine. Carpets and rugs from ARDABIL are beautiful and there is very high demand for older ones.






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