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2.6 x 9 Beautiful Hand Woven Very Fine Vegetable Dye Gabbeh Runner

Genuine Handmade Veggie Dye Wool Very Fine Gabbeh Runner

Weaving Time:

6 to 7 months

The Wool In This Rug Is Softer Then Velvet Or Silk


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This is a Beautiful Hand-Woven  Very Fine Gabbeh KPSI 200 (Very Fine For Gabbeh Stile Rug )Woven In Afghanistan By Afghan weavers Practicing The Centuries Old Trade of Weaving. Made With Natural Vegetable Dyes and Handspun Gazni Wool. The Wool On this Rug is softer then Velvet or Silk. You will love walking bare Feet On this Rug
The rugs I offer are the most fashionable high-quality rugs in the market. For any questions please call (831) 373-1009 or send an e-mail  Fine Rugs






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Pictures from the back side Showing Fine Knots KPSI


  • More about Natural vs. Synthetic Dyes

    There is agreement among nearly all old-rug collectors that natural dyes in a rug are better than synthetic. But the issue is clouded by the fact that often it is impossible without expensive laboratory analysis to be certain whether a given dye in an old rug is natural or synthetic. So much has been written about natural dyes vs. synthetic (see Oriental Rugs Today, Emmett Eiland, Berkeley Hills Books) that I will not tackle the subject here. But I believe it is safe to say that no rug buyer will ever regret acquiring a rug or carpet with well applied natural dyes. Natural dyes definitely add to the cost of a rug, but they also add to its value.

    Hand Spun vs. Machine Spun Wool

    For thousands of years, weavers spun wool by hand to create the yarn that makes up the pile of Oriental rugs. By about World War Two, nearly all wool was spun by machines. Now, since about 1985, a small but appreciable number of weavers are again spinning wool by hand. Though a few people prefer the uniformity and formal appearance that machine spun wool imparts to carpets, most collectors and connoisseurs value the effect produced by hand spun wool. When spun by hand, yarn absorbs more dye where it is loosely spun and less dye where it is spun tightly, thus producing pleasant variegation in the colors of a rug. Though there is room for disagreement, I believe that the best Oriental rugs are woven with hand spun wool.

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Nomads Fine Rugs has been serving the Monterey Peninsula residents and visitors from around the country and the world for 35 years. We began as a small store in Carmel Valley Village and  have become one of California’s largest sources of  importing and retailing fine quality hand woven rugs from around the world. 

The love of traveling and collecting fine hand woven treasures has taken us to every corner of the world. Each rug is chosen carefully for the satisfaction of  our customers and interior designers. Nomads Fine Rugs has decades of experience with  weavers and dealers world wide, through our buying directly from weavers  and manufactures enables us to offer you the most  competitive price in the market. Visit our store in beautiful Monterey Bay and see our exiting and extensive collection of fine hand woven rugs. continue to visit our website for great values

Here is what Yahoo Travel Guide wrote about us
(True professionals, the proprietors of this renowned establishment have been circumnavigating the globe while amassing one of the finest collections of hand-woven rugs available anywhere in the immediate vicinity. This store is one of the largest rug facilities in all of California and much of its stock consists of rugs that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Step into this gorgeous establishment and you will be in awe of the incomparable selection of rugs from all over the world as well as the knowledgeable service. A place that will please beginning collectors as well as connoisseurs.)

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